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How to obtain a Press Pass!

Are you a blogger, photographer, videographer, writer or journalist?
Would you like to know how to obtain press passes for a trade shows, media events, festivals, concerts or workshops, etc.?

Many bloggers, online writers, freelance photographers and news journalists simply don't know how to get a press pass or press credentials to events such as trade fairs, media events, conventions or concerts. Fortunately, the process of getting a press pass and/or press credentials is fairly easy.

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Having a press pass can make the difference between being able to photograph or record the event you want to cover and not.

Most of the time you can arrive at the press gate 45 minutes prior to an event, show your credentials and pass through. For smaller or non-ticketed events this may work at times, but for larger events such as trade fairs, concerts, media events, festivals, sports venues and anywhere else with limited access to the public, journalists must apply for a press pass issued by the promoter ahead of time.

For high profile events, the editors of Today's newspaper, magazine or press agency will write letters of assignment or submit applications on your behalf to help you gain access.

To obtain a press pass you will need to contact the organizers of the event approximately 6-8 weeks in advance and follow their required protocol. The earlier you submit the media request form, the greater your chances of obtaining accreditation (your Press Pass / Press Credentials for the event).

Journalists requesting media credentials must pre-register and collect their badges before entering the Press Office / Registration desk.

You can usually find the contact online. Please visit the event organizers website and locate the contact information for the organizers press relations department. If no press contact information is listed on their website or they do not have a website, please call any number you can find which is associated with the event and ask for the individual handling media relations for the event you want to cover.

Press I.D. / press cards are helpful for identifying yourself to the general public as a member of the press. You can obtain press credentials from press agencies identifying you as an official photographer, videographer, journalist or blogger for that agency.

Freedom of the Press is a right of all free people. The extension of that right to electronic media has been established with the online revolution in the Internet. No longer is that right granted only to print media.

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